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After a ride full of adrenalin you can take a drink or two and talk about the experience you made on the tour.  


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A nice excursion. Winding road to Ronda via the A-397.


We will drive to a well-known bikers meeting point.  There we will take a short brake for a drink and talk about the first Kart experience. Thereafter we will ride the same way back.  The biker hangout is located half the way on the road to Ronda.  This excursion includes about 50 very nice left curves and about 50 curves to the right. We guarantee you a very nice Adrenaline rush!


  • Length                 :  ca. 40    km
  • Time                    :  ca. 1.5   hours
  • Price per KART     :  59 €
  • Price FUNBUGGY  :   69 €
  • Price Passanger   :   20 €
Starters Tour

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For those who wants to feel more

The excursion is over the A-397 to Ronda .

We will drive to a well-known biker hangout.  There we will take a short brake for a drink.             Then we drive on to a fuel station about 10 Km in front of Ronda. There we will refuel the Karts, take again a short break and after drive back.  During this tour you can enjoy the beautiful views and admire the sea from up in the hills. This tour brings you about 90 left and approx. 95 right curves till the fuel station. A excursion with adrenaline! 

  • Length                 :  ca. 80    km
  • Time                    :  ca.  3.5  hours
  • Price per KART     :     99 €
  • Price FUNBUGGY  :    109 €
  • Price Passanger    :      20 €

Blue Smurfs village Júzcar

We will drive to a well-known biker hangout.  There we will take a short brake for a drink.  Then we drive on to a fuel station about 10 Km in front of Ronda.   From there we drive on the narrow and winding road towards Júzcar.

Once there we take another break, you can drink and eat here if you want. After the break we drive the same road back.    If you like you can take a walk through this lovely blue-smurf-village.   

In 2011 a big company let all the houses get painted blue, the color of the famous Smurfs. After the filming the villager decided to keep the blue-color -style.

It is a very nice village to take pictures and enjoy a marvelous landscape.   

Up to the fuel station you have about 90 left and approx. 95 right curves. – Then we gave up counting..!  

  • Length                 :  ca. 96    km
  • Time                    :  ca. 4   hours
  • Price per KART     :   119 €
  • Price FUNBUGGY  :   129 €
  • Price Passanger    :     30 €

Ronda Visiting Tour

Very nice sightseeing tour to the interesting village in the mountains with his very old Bridge between the two parts of the village and his stronghold. " the way itselve is the target" Very nice combination between sighseeing and karting in the mountains. We drive then the A-397 to a well-known biker hangout to make a short breake. After that we drive to the center of Ronda. For visiting you have 2 hours or after arrangement longer. Very nice village to make pictures and  enjoy the view. After that we drive the same way back with a smal break.

  • Length                 :  ca. 94    km
  • Time                    :  ca. 6   hours
  • Price per KART     :  135 €
  • Price FUNBUGGY  :   145 €
  • Price Passanger    :      30 €

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TOP Excursion de Adrenalina

The excursion-de-adrenalina-tour we present to those of you who you want to become a real Kart driver for a day.  

We start this excursion-de-adrenalina-tour at our base  and drive to Ronda via the A-397. There we will take a short brake for a drink at a well-known biker hangout.           


Then we drive on winding roads to El Burgo, up to Coin en Ojén.   We will make regularly breaks for drink and food.  We also have to refuel the Go-Karts. During this magnificent excursion-de-adrenalina  you can enjoy the very beautiful nature from Andalucía. The excursion brings you uncountable curves, enough for a lot of fun and adrenalin.

  • Length                 :  ca. 145   km
  • Time                    :  ca.  6-7  hours
  • Price per KART     :  165 €
  • Price FUNBUGGY  :   175 €
  • Price Passanger    :     30 €


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