- You need to bring a valid driving-license and identification-card.
- Deposit for the GoKart 150.- €
- You are in a good physical condition and mental state.
- The consuming of alcohol or drugs during or before the tour is strictly forbidden. If we suspect any use of alcohol or drugs, we will make a test with you. In case of a positive result, you will not be allowed to be a part of this excursion with us. This is for your own safety and for the safety of other people who are driving the road.


Equipment and clothes to wear:
- Durable, safe and to the weather adapted clothes
- Solid shoes (it is not allowed to drive with slippers or high heels
J )
- Gloves and sunglasses
- Photo-camera


Helmets are available in different sizes. You are welcome to bring your own helmet.  


The price per tour is including:

  • Use of a helmet
  • Rent from the Go-Kart
  • Safety instructions and use from the vehicle
  • Locale experienced tour-guide
  • liability insurance
  • Fuel


To all the “Alonsos”, “Schumachers” and “Vettels”, we don’t drive at a race-track. –We drive on normal asphalted roads. Who wants to make a race-drive, take  a race-track!  This we cannot offer.

Everyone has to sign this disclaim
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